Lewis & Clark Annual Meeting

Arrival at the Pacific: Object Achieved

We are at the end of our voyage to the Pacific Ocean.
— Private Joseph Whitehouse, Nov. 16, 1805

50th Annual Meeting, October 7–10, 2018, Astoria, Oregon

Hosted by the Oregon and Washington Chapters of the Lewis & Clark Trail Heritage Foundation

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What you’ll do

Fort Clatsop Exterior

Visit sites during the Corps’ winter stay, 1805–1806

• Dismal Nitch
• Station Camp (Middle Village)
• Cape Disappointment
• Fort Clatsop
• Salt Works
• Whale site, NeCus’ village, McNeal’s Folly
• Columbia River (on the Portland Spirit)

Learn about life before and after the Corps arrived

• Chinook and Clatsop Indian lifeways
• Exploration and trade before Lewis & Clark
• Challenging but rich environment of the Columbia/Pacific region
• Arrival of the Astorians and later commerce
• How the Corps of Discovery impacted science and American lore
• Ongoing struggles to retain tribal identity
Cape Disapointment Lighthouse

Celebrate 50 years of Trail preservation and interpretation

• Recognize the Foundation’s early leaders in Portland
• Commemorate the National Trails System Act of 1968 (see www.trails50.org)

You’ll meet

• Descendants of Chinook and Clatsop Tribes frequently mentioned in the Journals
• Chinook Tribal members preparing an authentic salmon/oyster feast on Sunday
• Nationally-known authors (with 10% off at Fort Clatsop Bookstore; no sales tax in Oregon!)
• Scholars who research the Corps of Discovery and the tribes they met
• Pacific Northwest Living Historians making salt at the ocean in Seaside Oct. 6–7
• Rangers and interpreters at Lewis & Clark National Historical Park and Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center at Cape Disappointment (a Washington State Park)
• Columbia River bar and river pilots, period entertainers, and local residents who welcome visitors to their beautiful coastal region
• Keepers of the Foundation’s early history, LCTHF award winners, new Board members and officers


ASTOR_HIEX_Astoria_exterior_beach (1)

…all the party Snugly fixed in their huts. — Cpt. Clark, Dec. 25, 1805

Holiday Inn Express, our headquarters hotel, sits on the shore of the Columbia River near the 4-mile Astoria-Megler Bridge connecting Oregon and Washington. You can enjoy a free hot breakfast while watching ship traffic plying the same waters the Corps knew so well. Call 1-888-898-6222 and mention “Lewis & Clark”. Conference rate good until Sunday, August 5. Rates vary by day of week and view. Contact treasurer@or-lcthf.org for other nearby housing options, including RV parks and Camp Rilea (historic defense facility 8 miles south).


Pulling with NCLC

…they are the best canoe navigators I ever Saw. — Cpt. Clark, Nov. 11, 1805

But since you are coming by land, plan on two hours from Portland to Astoria by several different routes: rental car recommended; ride-sharing encouraged; potential shuttle service options will be announced via www.or-lcthf.org. Commercial bus service also available. Plan to come early and stay late to see much more than we can offer in four days. Email Glen Kirkpatrick with questions: Glen.Kirkpatrick@or-lcthf.org.


…I have not Seen one pacific day Since my arrival. — Cpt. Clark, Dec 1, 1805

But you will be coming several weeks earlier and the weather promises to be better! However, be prepared with sun hats, rain gear, sweaters and jackets. Early October weather can range from low 50s to 70s with gusts at the beach and on the river.

On your own

...never one day without 3 meals of Some kind. — Cpt. William Clark

Time will be available to sample unique restaurants in Ilwaco and Long Beach, Washington, as well as Astoria, Seaside and Cannon Beach, Oregon. Bring Sacagawea dollar coins to use as tips to remind residents that the Corps lives on. We will not have a “vendors’ fair” this year, but both the Fort Clatsop Bookstore and Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center at Cape Disappointment have an extensive selection of books and gifts.

Show us your “letter of credit” from Jefferson

• Until June 30—Early Members:  $375; Early Non-Members, $424
• Until August 27—Member: $400; Non-Member:  $449
• After August 27—Late Member, $425; Late Non-Member: $474
• Inviting local friends to see what we do?
    ⁃ Additional seats for Salmon/Oyster Feast, Sunday, Oct. 7 @ $40 ____;
    ⁃ Portland Spirit cruise (includes lunch), Tuesday, Oct. 9 @ $99 ____;
    ⁃ Additional banquet seats, Wednesday, Oct. 10 @ $50 ____.

Explore more

PS 715x215

We then set out and came about 9 miles... — Sgt. John Ordway, Nov. 25, 1805

Astoria Riverwalk to new LCTHF signage and Keith Hay Memorial Bench (¼ mile)
Fort to Sea Hike (6 miles one way with return shuttle)*
Clark’s Point of View (Tillamook Head) Hike (from Seaside to Cannon Beach with return shuttle)*
Netul Kayak/Canoe Trips (3 hours depending on tides, Oct. 5 or Oct. 6)*
Long Beach Discovery Trail Hike (8 miles long, your car)
Related History: Columbia River Maritime Museum, Clatsop County Heritage Museum, Flavel House, Oregon Film Museum, Columbia Pacific Heritage Museum (Ilwaco, Wash.), Cannon Beach History Center, Seaside Museum, World Kite Museum and Cranberry Museum (Long Beach, Wash.). See their websites for more information.
Crabbing Trip on Saturday, Oct. 6 (depending on tides)*
• Birdwatching and mushroom hunting at Fort Stevens State Park (Saturday, Oct. 6)*
Sleep one night inside Fort Clatsop (chosen by lottery; be sure to enter your name, if interested!)*

* Email Larry.McClure@or-lcthf.org in advance if you are interested in these opportunities.


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